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Goa, India

Goa Photo


Today, more than ever before, photography brings the world together and deepens our connection with our surroundings. Photography is one universal language.

Facebook figures quote that 1 billion users have uploaded a staggering 240 billion photographs up to 2013.The figures are increasing everyday.

Goa International Photo Festival (GIPF) is where practicing and future (youth) photographers, artists, writers, filmmakers, bloggers and creative people from all over the world, come together, with a spirit of sharing their passion and vision through the most powerful art of visual story telling Photography.

‘THE ONE SCHOOL GOA’ is the creator of GOA

The One School Goa in a very short span of time has become a major force in the education of Photography, multi media and visual communication.


Goa International Photo Festival is an initiative to bring together Photographers from all around the world in pursuance of enhancing awareness, accessibility and understanding of the art of photography. GIPF aims to become one of the most celebrated photography festivals and propel Goa as one of India’s creative hubs.

A salient feature of the festival is to discover, inspire and develop the next generation of photographers and creative thinkers. The festival will exhibit the works of prominent Indian and International photographers. This includes established and emerging photographers.