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Festival de la Luz



INTERNATIONAL PORTFOLIO´S FORUM It´s a meeting between photographers and a group of international personalities: museum directors, gallerists, curators, art collectors and publishers. It will be held at the Salón Dorado of La Alianza Francesa (Córdoba 946) from August 6th to 10th, 2018. It is a 20 minutes personal interview where the artist shows his work to the chosen reviewer. his gives them not only the opportunity to spread their works, but also to receive a feedback. INSCRIPTION AND REVIEWERS LIST HERE Awards FotoFest Prize : a scolarship for FotoFest Meeting Place, Houston 2020.(B) A scolarship for the National Portfolio´s Forum, Interfestival 2019. A scolarship for the FestFotoPOA 2019, portfolio´s review.(A) All the reviewers vote the winners of the Portfolio´s Forum. (A) Scolarship doesn´t include travel costs (B) Scolarship doesn´t include travel costs and hotel room. ** Application** You can apply from HERE, choosing the reviewers. The application will be confirmed once the payment is received to The sittings will be settled by application order. When a reviewer has no more turns, you will be offered someone who still has an open spot. ** VALUES** 10 reviews ... $6000(ARS) 5 reviews... $3800(ARS) 1 extra review after the first 10 ... $750 (ARS) 1 extra review after the first 5 $ 1000 The payment can be made by deposit or Bank wire to: FUNDACION LUZ AUSTRAL Banco Galicia Cta Cte en Pesos 6373-9 026-1 CUIT: 30-70202308-0 CBU: 0070026920000006373913 Photographers that do not live in Argentina: Ask for payments options 10 reviews U$S300 5 reviews $S 190 1 extra review after the 10th U$S 35 1 extra review after the 5th U$S 48


2018-08-01 ~ 2018-09-28