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International Portfolio Review In 2019, we welcome you to the fifth edition of our International Portfolio Review. Our portfolio review is a place where professionals and photographers meet. Every spring during KYOTOGRAPHIE, leading figures in the field of photography including curators, gallerists, festival directors, publishers gather. For the fifth edition, we invite professionals in the field of modern art for the first time. Kyotographie respect and appreciate different forms of expression through photography. Having more diversed reviewers is our contribution to photographers for new opportunities. During the fourth edition of the review KYOTOGRAPHIE welcomed 26 reviewers from 10 countries, and 87 participating photographers from 11 countries gathered to meet for the review. Some of the photographers have received excellent opportunities from the event, in the form of exhibitions in Europe, Japan (TOKYOGRAPHIE) and China. The sale of photobooks in France, and winning a world-class photo award. Our portfolio review is all-inclusive, open to all ages, nationalities and career level. We look forward to your submission! About the review Reviews are 20 minutes long with a 10-minute break in between. Every effort will be made during the allocation process to meet your preferences. When Allocating, the result of screening, your preferences and your submitted work will be taken into consideration. In principle, we plan to allocate you at least one of the preferred reviewer if you select to receive 3 reviews, and two the preferred reviewers if you select to receive 5 reviews. Also, participants will have reviewers whom Kyotographie recommends. Please understand that the number of sessions varies by reviewers, and that we do not guarantee that you will have reviewers of your preferences. Interpretation will be provided in English, French and Japanese. For other languages, please make arrangements for an interpreter on your own. CROSSING – Portfolio Review & KG+ Party The “CROSSING―Portfolio Review & KG+ Party” at Hyatt Regency KYOTO gathers various and many photographic people including photographers, reviewers, KYOTOGRAPHIE artists, KG+ artists, KYOTOGRAPHIE organizers and so on. This is an opportunity to meet and connect with people in the field of photography. Participants will have another opportunity to connect with people in the industry. In addition, we will hold “Portfolio Walk” where you can present your photos to professionals directly. In 2019, we offer the “FUJIFILM AWARD”. One winner among the finalists, selected by reviewers will receive the prize from FUJIFILM. FUJIFILM AWARD Special Exhibition Exhibition in FUJIFILM SQUARE, Tokyo In addition to the camera prize, the winner will be given the opportunity to exhibit his/her works at the gallery space in FUJIFILM SQUARE (Roppongi, Tokyo Midtown) in Fall 2019. The expenses for the exhibition (including printing, framing and installation costs) will be fully supported by FUJIFILM.


CROSSING – Portfolio Review & KG+ Party Dates 2018.4.14 Sun. 19:00 – 21:00 (Door Opens at 18:30) Fee ¥2000(including 2 drinks) Venue Hyatt Regency Kyoto Note The winner of the FUJIFILM AWARD will need to attend this event for the award ceremony. PORTFOLIO WALK After the final day of the review, we have PORTFOLIO WALK as last year during the CROSSING Party. We provide a designated space for participants to show their portfolio to visitors of the party, such as reviewers, other photographers, KG+ artists, KYOTOGRAPHIE artists & organizers. Participants will be selected from portfolio review participants who choose to participate in this event. Fee is not required for a participation.

2019-04-12 ~ 2019-04-14

Hyatt Regency Kyoto